How To Apply

Step 1:
 Clean your natural nails with the alcohol pads.
Step 2: Cut down natural nails as short as possible to avoid any surpassing the false nail length.
Step 3: File top of nail and push back cuticles for best adhesion.
Step 4: Find which false nail best aligns with your natural nail bed.
Step 5: Lay 10 false nails in order this will make the application process much easier.

Step 1: Place glue over natural nail.
Step 2: Press down false nail firmly in place for 15 seconds each.
Step 3: Optional step, if you want to change the shape or length of the false nail, cut and file to your desire.
Tip: Avoid applying glue too close to the edges which can cause glue to expand outside of the nail once you press the false nail down.

Step 1: Place your nails in warm water for 15 minutes.
Step 2: Using a cuticle stick, gently lift the false nails off your natural nails.
Step 3: Buff off any left over glue.
Step 4: Use a moisturizer or cuticle oil to hydrate your natural nails.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or mouth as glue bonds instantly. Consult a physician if glue adheres to your eyes. If glue adheres to your skin, soak in water and gently pull apart. Keep out of reach from children.